About Us

Azaryourd Tabriz Construction and Engineering Company is a private company which provides engineering and construction services. With the presence of 25 years in contracting big development Islamic Iran, Have the honor of introducing its long-term objectives as follow.


Fulfilling National & International Standards for Development Projects

In its 25 years of experience in executing constructional projects, Azaryourd Tabriz Company has always complied national and international standards as its first priority in all its projects.


Reducing The Time & Expenses of Executing Development Projects

The experienced specialists and engineers of Azaryourd Tabriz Company analyze the altemative methods for executing a project with consideration of the matter of time and financial issues. Finally, they select the method with the most efficiency. In this way, the allocated valuable budget to development projects by the government does not get wasted and is used in a productive way.


Executing & Finishing Development Projects with The Highest Possible Quality

Azaryourd Tabriz Company uses the best materials with the highest qualities available in Iran to facilitate economic prosperity and Completing the projects for employers with the highest quality. Due to this fact, the development projects carried out by Azaryourd Tabriz Company have had the highest efficiency.


Participating in Construction & Preparing The Grounds for Economic Development

To appreciate the capacities available in Iran, Azaryourd Tabriz Company has cornmitte take part in improving and develo It also endeavors to impro


Being economically reasonable

One of the most important objectives of Azar Yourd Tabriz Construction and Engineering Company is to take the most appropriate strategy and method in carrying out development projects so that their economically reasonable with respect to engineering economics. Azar Yourd Tabriz Company strives to maintain the economic interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran by fulfilling the national and international standards and safety rules.

Providing job opportunities for Iran’s development and its flourishing

Azaryourd Tabriz Company has always been provided to create job opportunities for the young Iranian generation since the youth are our human caption. Other than the mentioned objectives, Azaryourd Tabriz Company is committed to respect the rights of subcontractors. It also strives to work for the benefit of employers.


Expert staff

One of the most important characteristics of Azar Yourd Tabriz Construction and Engineering Company is its experienced and trained staff. In order to keep its staff up to date and improve their individual and professional skills, Azar Yourd Tabriz Company regularly holds training courses for its staff. National and international experience have proved that team work results in a higher productivity and precision. Therefore, Azaryourd Tabriz Company trains its technical and administrative staff for a achieving a batter coordination in team work. Azaryourd Tabriz Company considers its core. Therefore, it respects the following codes in interacting with its professional staff:

1-Creating motivation and job satisfaction at all professional levels.
2-Not discriminating between the staff.
3-providing appropriate work conditions and environment.
4-Meritocracy and prioritizing rules over relationships.
5-Rewarding the staff with a high productivity and performance.
6-Maintaning a close relationship between the managers and various executive units.
7-Welcoming any constructive suggestions and criticism.
8-Providing amenities services to the Company employees.
9- Providing Loan facilities to the Company employees.