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Tabriz Azaryourd Co.
Increasing tendency of employer (real or legal), in cession of projects as plan and construction, cause Tabriz Azaryourd company (a construction and installation company) management to cooperate with counsultaing engineers   and major contractor of country as an important strategy. Major objective of this company is to present outstanding construction services by using modern machines and constructional tools and materials which cause this company to be distinct among other companies of this group. Close and continuous cooperation with experienced and well known consulting engineers from mid seventies expand capabilities of the company in construction and supervision contracts, as far one of the project of the company stands among Mehre Mandegar projects. 

Construction of Late Goli Amin Nia Health Center (located in Golshahr Town, Maragheh Township)

Design and Implementation:
Operator: Maragheh Township Faculty of Medical Sciences and Health Services


Visiting Big5 Exhibition
Year 2014 in Emirate dubai

Sports activities Tabriz Azaryourd Co.