160bed hospital of pars abad

  • ثبت نام

160 bed hospital of `Parsabad located in an 11515 Sq Meter foundation in a land with 3850 Sq Meter area in Ardebil Province. Construction of this project consisted of concrete skeleton and concrete roof. Outer walls consisted of leca block and inside walls are dry walls; windows are aluminum profiles with two layer window pane and wooden, metal, automatic glass and anti fire doors.
Electrical installations of this project consisted of normal light, computer based system for fire alarm, call system for nurses, telephone and UPS. Also mechanical installations of this project will be consist of chiller, fan coil, and ventilator as cooling system, and steam boiler, fan coil and ventilators as heating system. Outside of the hospital consist of green space, concrete tables, asphalt in street and concrete in sidewalk. Peripheral buildings are refinery wastewater, water supply, power station and diesel generator, landing runway for helicopter, storehouse, and sentry.