• ثبت نام

Company's objectives: Azaryourd Tabriz Construction and Engineering Company is a private company which  provides engineering and construction services. It has -been active for 20 years in contracting big development projects for the government and private companies  with the aim of developing and flourishing the Islamic  Iran . Our long-term and short-term objectives are as follows:
-    Fulfilling national and international standards for development projects:
Throughout  its  20  years  of  experience in executing construction projects, Azaryourd tabriz Company has always fulfilled national and international standards as its first priority in all its projects.
-    Minimizing the time and cost  of executing  development projects:
The experienced and trained staff of Azaryourd tabriz Company analyzes  the various possible methods of executing a project. Finally , they select the method with the lowest time and cost. In this way,the valuable budget allocated to development projects by  the government does not get wasted and is used in a productive way.
-    Executing and finishing  development projects with the highest possible quality:
Azaryourd tabriz Company uses the best material with the  highest quality available in Iran to facilitate economic  prosperity and completing the projects for employers  with the highest quality.  Due  to this fact, the development projects carried out by  Azaryourd tabriz Company have had the highest service life.
-    Participating  in  construction and preparing the grounds for economic development:
To appreciate  the capacities  available in  Iran, Azaryourd tabriz Company has committed to take part in improving and developing Iran. It also endeavors to improve Iran's economic development.
-    Creating job  opportunities  for developing and flourishing Iran:
Azaryourd tabriz Company has always strived to create job opportunities for the young Iranian generation since the youth  are  our human  capital.
Other than the mentioned objectives, Azaryourd tabriz Company is committed to respect the rights of subcontractors.  It also strives to work for the benefit of employers.