• ثبت نام

One of the most important characteristics of Azaryourd tabriz Construction and Engineering Company is its experienced and trained staff. In order to keep its staff up to date and improve their individual and professional skills, Azaryourd tabriz Company regularly holds training courses for its staff.
National and international experiences have proved that team work results in a higher productivity and precision.
Therefore, Azaryourd tabriz company trains its technical and officestaff for achieving a better coordination in team work.
Azaryourd Tabriz Company considers its staff as its core. Therefore, it respects the following codes in interacting with its professional staff:
1)    Creating motivation and job satisfaction at all levels,
2)    Not discriminating between the staff,
3)    Providing appropriate work conditions and environment,
4)    Meritocracy and prioritizing rules over relationships,
5)    Rewarding the staff with a high productivity and performance,
6)    Maintaining a close relationship between the managers and various executive units,
7)    Welcoming any constructive suggestions and criticism.